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Reynolds, 45, of Sicklerville, was shot and killed.

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Rose Reynolds, of Camden, recalled her nephew as a hard worker and "a great guy." "I still can't believe it," she said of his death. Before joining NJ Transit, he worked at a glass company in Cinnaminson, she said.

The prosecutor's office, Washington Township and Mantua Township police departments, and NJ Transit Police are investigating the shootings.

ROWLETT -- A Garland ISD bus driver and an eighth-grade student are being called heroes for their rescue of a toddler and his mom from a Rowlett retention pond earlier this month. On a rainy morning, nearing her last stop, a toddler ran in front of her bus, alone, near the intersection of Southern Hills and Fern Hill.“He had on a diaper and a T-shirt — that’s all he had on,” Wells said.

It has taught me how to mangel my day and to be on time. The people who ride are one of two things happy that they are off of work or just mad at the world.

They can be mad at anything that bothers them and blow up at any time, greeting rhwm nicely sometimes works but they can get mad over fare increase being a little late or a full bus.

Jackson, of Woodbury, shot herself near Val's Seafood in Mantua Township, officials said.

Mantua resident Jeff Gellenthin saw police converge on Jackson's car as she pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant on Center Street.On this job the people I transport from day to day and my awesome co-workers make the job enjoyable.I'm very well respected and honored on my job this a great reward all by itself.I am truly a people person, so the fact that my office had wheels was very rewarding.Being a public servant in any positive way is very rewarding for me.Then, together, they pulled both to shore.“I literally started crying. “A bus driver trying to get my kids to school.”Police and paramedics took the mom and toddler to the hospital as a precaution.