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Every day, more and more studentsare being asked to participate in Skype interviews for their summer internships.

With many companies cutting back on their campus recruiting and with the fierce competition for internships and jobs, Skype offers an easy, no-cost way for applicants to interview for those highly regarded opportunities with minimal work from both interviewer and applicant.Try to avoid interviews in your bedroom or with big art behind the walls.Remember, you are a professional – your background should look professional as well. When most people are doing Skype interviews, they tend to look at themselves.Make sure that you are upbeat and energetic during the interview and that shows through to the employer.This is a great topic to ask your career center about during your mock interview. Although it may not feel as intense because you are not at a company HQ, take the Skype interview seriously.If you aren’t able to express that while answering questions, make a point to mention that at the end of the interview.

“I just wanted you to know how passionate I am about this company and this specific internship position.Microsoft offers the ability to link a Skype and Microsoft Account together to make sign-in and security easier.If you already enabled this months ago, it turns out that Microsoft has kept your original Skype account password separate so that it can still be used to access the service with a Skype username.Today, you typically don’t need an external microphone or webcam as these are built into most computers that were made over the past few years.If your computer is older, you might need to get a webcam and/or microphone.Remember, Skype is a free download and offers the ability to interview around the world – with anyone!