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Time will be allotted during and after the session for dialogue. Abstracts, 200-300 words in length, should meet the deadline of October 1, 2017.Please include your name, degree, affiliation, email, and mailing address.

[ ] Hosted by the Academy for the Study of Saint Ambrose of Milan (ASSAM), at St.

On occasion, however, these would turn into the opposite: suspicion, conflict, and violence, enhanced by power struggles and prejudices.

All these had a central influence on social dynamics, negotiations of collective or individual identity, definitions of ethnicity, and shaping of legal rules.

The symposium will be followed by a concert of Byzantine hymns on medicine.

These are unique medical texts which are preserved in one of the manuscripts of the collection and will be performed for the first time in the United Kingdom.

The conference aims at concentrating on social and cultural interaction within and between multi-ethnic and multilingual communities, groups and individuals, minority (minorities) and majority.

Cooperation, toleration, and coexistence was an everyday necessity in Ancient and medieval societies.What was the function of multicultural and multilingual interaction in various contexts: did it create and increase conflicts, or was it rather a prerequisite for survival and prosperity?Our focus lies on society and the history of everyday life.Sincerely, Robert Grant and Ethan Gannaway Again, please visit our website Questions of toleration, aggression and even hatred based on ethnic diversity have been accentuated in recent times, but multiculturalism in its various forms is far from being confined to the modern world only.The seventh international Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages conference will focus on forms of interaction and methods of negotiation in multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual contexts.We welcome papers, which have a sensitive approach to social differences: gender, status, and ethnicity.